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How much do ReVolution Tiny Homes cost?

As all of our homes are built to our client’s specifications, there is no set price and we can easily accommodate a wide range of budgets.

Where can I park a tiny home on wheels in Manitoba?

Most jurisdictions have their own sets of rules pertaining to tiny homes.  All potential clients are strongly advised to check with their local governing body.

Are tiny homes suitable for year round use?
How long does a tiny home take to complete?

For the design process we typically allow for 4 - 8 weeks. Once we have established a design your custom trailer is ordered. The trailer takes approximately 6 weeks to be complete. Then the building process starts, which is roughly 8-16 weeks until the home is complete.

Can you get insurance and mortgage for a tiny home?

In order to be eligible for either insurance or a mortgage, the tiny home must be CSA approved. ReVolution Tiny Homes is certified as a CSA Z240RV and CSA Z240MH builder, allowing us to build you a CSA approved tiny home.

Our tiny homes are insulated to to withstand the conditions in Manitoba all year round.

Do you offer warranty?
Can I buy a tiny home not on wheels and could it be relocated later to a different site?

Yes and yes.  A tiny can be placed directly on a concrete pad or skids.  Skids would allow the home to be relocated in the future.

How big can my tiny home be?

To stay within highways bylaws for towing without a permit, tiny homes can be a maximum of 8’-6” wide, 13-6” tall (including the trailer), 40’ long.

Yes. Please inquire about our detailed warranty plan for the various components of your tiny home.

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