IYG Group got its start as a part-time gig through Im Your Guy Renovations. As demand began to grow, I’m Your Guy Renovations became a full-time venture in 2016, focusing on medium to large scale residential renovations.

ReVolution Tiny Homes was conceived in 2018. It had mainly been a research and development project until it was formally registered in 2020. Revolution Tiny Homes is currently in the process of becoming a nationally certified builder which will allow us to build tiny homes that can be conventionally mortgaged and fully insured. 

ReVolution Trailers, launched in 2020, is a professional Upfitting service for the preowned travel trailer market. Through the process of Upfitting, we are able to implement our 3R philosophy:

                   - Recaptured
                   - Reimagined
                   - Relived




The IYG Group is an insured, bonded and registered company headquartered in Winnipeg Manitoba. 

The company is headed by Stu Pynoo with Maegan Clerihew as Operations Manager.